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Hashtales helps event organizers to increase their social presence by driving the compulsion of taking pictures among their attendees. Hashtales instantaneously picks up the crowd-sourced Instagram photos through hash tags of your choice and generates a real-time slideshow. You can display this on any big screen of your choice drawing attention of more attendees and hence starting of a viral thread of Instagram photos. Hashtales also lets you curate the content that goes into your ‘tale’ through our admin page.


Create Event by subscribing our plans using your event hashtags.  


Choose your slideshow theme or animation from our creative pool or add the flavor of your own brand.


Curate the content that goes into your ‘tale’ to display the best of your fan content. 


View your hashtag stats in graphical form and plan your marketing strategy. 

Create Fan-crafted brand Experience


In-store digital display content is limited and boring. The effort required to constantly generate new content is a costly and time consuming task.
Using Hashtales, retailers can provide compelling, dramatically enhanced customer experience by displaying in-store live social activities collected from Instagram users. At the same time, our moderation tool ensures that nothing is displayed without your consent.

Social Events

Your event attendees are great advocates of your brand. So put a spot light on your fans and make them feel like a rock star by displaying incredible brand content created and shared by them on Instagram. Hashtales helps you in achieving the same. It doesn’t matter how small or big your event will be we have special themes for all your occasion.

Hashtag Campaigns

If your hashtag campaigns have some purposes to cater like Charity Program, Photo giving event, Crowd entertainment, Venue Promotion or valuing Sponsors, Hashtales can sail with all your needs since it’s a vital recipe to make your campaign a success.

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